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Criminal activity

I am there to limit your risks. So, if an offer made to you makes you doubt whether it’s not too good to be true, please contact me. Although I can’t prevent all possible trouble, there is a lot I can do for you! Because of my decades of experience, I know most tricks criminals use.

Here is my top five of criminal actions and how I can help you:

  1. The truck you find in the ad does not exist at all. This is mostly done with popular models. Be aware of such models in combination with a low price. After the purchase the ‘seller’ aks for a deposit. Once you have sent the money, he disappears. If you have doubts, let me check whether the truck exists in reality.
  2. The truck you find in the ad does exist, but is not in the hands of the seller. In the best case he buys it immediately after you have come to terms, in most cases he aks for a deposit and remains silent after your payment. Your money has gone! Once again, if you have doubts let me check whether the truck really exists.
  3. The criminal steals the username and login of truck dealer with a good reputation and changes, mostly during the weekend when the dealer is closed, the prices of the trucks offered and the e-mail and phone number of the salesman. They hope for a quick deal with deposit or even the full amount. They even use the logos of the dealer for the invoice. Be aware when the seller is hurried. You can always ask me to call the seller to check out if something is wrong.
  4. Some people turn back the odometer. This is something that even for me can be hard to find out, though in many situations I have tricks to discover it for you.
  5. Some sellers propose an offer that is more beautiful than reality. They wash the truck and do the photography while the vehicle is still wet: shiny result! They remain silent on broken parts and leave damaged parts out of sight. And then they sell it without any warranty. I can always check such a truck or van for you to give information in the real status of the vehicle.

If you are worried or have doubts: start a chat right now.


Let me protect you against criminal intentions.

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