Decades of experience to build on
“I needed a clear insight in the condition of that vehicle. That’s exactly what Kick van der Zwaag Trucks & Vans Remarketing Service provided. With clear photos and a detailed report. Simply great.”

What I promise

Yes, my focus is all on you and your needs. But that’s not the only thing that drives me. I am also highly motivated by a few values that I think are very important. They help me to keep doing the right things for you. Every day again.


My customers and partners can always rely on my quality that is based on more than forty years of experience in the field of used trucks and vans. On every truck inspection I work accurately and do exactly what I promise. Whatever used vehicle you want to have checked, I simply want the best for you and will never let you down.


I work with the shortest communication lines possible. All the used vehicle inspections are done by me personally. I believe business is all about human relations. Therefore, I wish to communicate in a friendly way and to develop pleasant personal relationships. My goal is to get your personal appreciation.


I am there for you and for no one else. It’s always in your interest that I act. I will never take anything from the seller of the vehicle you consider. You can always rely on my integrity.


Let me protect you against criminal intentions.

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