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My way of working

As soon as I have received your demand, I plan a trip to the location of the seller. My working area for vehicle inspections is a circle of about 400 km around the south of the Netherlands. That means I cover the complete Netherlands, but also big parts of Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and the north of France. If a vehicle is located outside these regions, I will contact you to see what I can do for you.

Vehicle inspection

As a next step I personally drive to the seller. On the site I execute the following checks:

  • General condition: does the appearance of the truck match the price and age?
  • Control of the V.I.N. number and the accompanying papers and certificates.
  • Complete technical inspection, checkup on the vehicle on important points such as oil leaks, water and air leaks, condition of the various components such as tail lifts, loading cranes etc.
  • Test drive, paying particular attention to the operation of the clutch, gearbox (synchromesh rings) and brakes.
  • Checking and condition of the tires.
  • Extensive photo and video report.
  • Inspection report with repair and maintenance advice.
  • Possibility to have a live video connection during the inspection.

After the vehicle inspection

After the check I send you a complete and detailed inspection report within two working days.

The rate of the vehicle (truck or van) inspection as described above is 485 euros VAT excluded. I require a pre-payment after which I will schedule the inspection as soon as possible, depending on the seller’s schedule.


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